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Four-Links – generations and stuff, Jacqueline Evans, Fair Lane resto, BriSCAstox

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Forbes this week ran an article discussing what happens when nobody wants your parents’ stuff, and though it doesn’t address collector cars, we know well that the old car hobby is a generational one, and that what’s popular today (or what was popular with our parents) won’t necessarily be in demand tomorrow. The article contains some advice, though we’re sure that’s only the beginning of the conversation, especially among old car enthusiasts.

* The Chicane this week took a brief look at the La Carrera Panamericana races of driver Jacqueline Evans.

* The nonprofit that operates Henry and Clara Ford’s Fair Lane Estate is in the midst of a full restoration of the estate and hope to reopen it soon with “no velvet ropes” tours, according to a recent Crain’s Detroit article.

* One of our commenters pointed us to this British stock car racing compendium, which lists just about every car and driver to compete in the class in the United Kingdom.

* Finally, in 1962 the AACA’s 25-year cutoff would have included only vehicles older than 1937, so the background vehicles in this video of that year’s Hershey show would have been considered way too new at the time. (via)