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Four-Links – globetrotting Graham, Enfield in Africa, cab wars, Celica resto

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“We should not teach them to be afraid,” Hermann Zapp said of the four kids he and his wife had while on a 17-year road trip around the world behind the wheel of a 1928 Graham-Paige. “We should teach them to take some risks … we should build people who are adventurous, who will discover, who like to change things.” (via)

* Then again, for anybody planning a trip through western Africa on bike, this account at is equally terrifying and enlightening. (via)

* After the recent Uber headlines, the Checker Cab Club’s retrospective on some of the cab wars of the Thirties gives a little perspective on what cab owners and drivers had to face throughout their history.

* For the original owner of a 1977 Toyota Celica who’d owned it for 40 years and modded it in multiple fashions, there was just one thing left to do: Take it down to bare metal for a nut-n-bolt restoration. (via)

* BMW’s gone and documented every generation of its 5 series in short individual videos, starting with the E12. (via)