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Four-Links – Maria del Camino, the bikers who beat back Hitler, British National Historic Vehicle Survey, Oneonta Ford

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Most art cars depend on plastic toys glued to their exterior surfaces to make a statement. Bruce Tomb’s Maria del Camino goes a little deeper, using a 1959 El Camino riddled with holes, mounted to tank treads, lit up from the inside, and operated hydraulically from the bed. (via)


* The last days before World War II were dark days indeed, but a group of British motorcyclists still ventured to the Alps of Nazi-occupied Austria to beat Germany’s racers (and to later escape with those same racers’ help) in the 1939 International Six-Day Trial. Courtesy My Royal Enfields comes the story printed in the August 1939 issue of Motor Cycling.


* More than £5.5 billion spent on more than 1 million cars. That’s one of many results gleaned from the 2016 National Historic Vehicle Survey from the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs. The complete report is available on their site now.


* Courtesy reader Ed comes this page detialing the history of Oneonta Sales Company, the Ford dealer in the Upstate New York town from 1908 to 1970 and a building that is apparently scheduled for demolition in the near future.

* Finally, a look at the development of one of the world’s most iconic engines, Ford’s flathead V-8. (via)