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Four-Links – brochure collection, Lotus-Ford, the Dudgeon “Red Devil,” Packard employees

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How does one amass a collection of more than 13,000 automotive brochures from around the world while living in Manhattan? Ask collector Steve Hayes, as the New York Times did this past week as he prepares to sell most of the collection at auction.


* The Henry Ford might write about its Lotus-Ford rather often in comparison to the rest of the cars in its collection, but as we see from the in-depth story the museum posted on it this past week, the results are always worth it.


* As one of the oldest road-going vehicles, the 1866 Dudgeon “Red Devil” steamer is significant in and of itself, but as Vanderbilt Cup Races pointed out this week, it was also at the center of a contentious series of lawsuits over its correct ownership.


* The folks behind the ongoing Packard plant renovation this week saluted the people who worked in the plant thanks to photos submitted by the families of those workers.

* Finally, the “Black Air” documentary takes a look at the history and the impact of the Buick Grand National.