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Four-Links – Riverside 1960, Breedlove sues, Waterbug, Christo’s Studes

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The Henry Ford’s trove of Dave Friedman photos has revealed many gems in the past, so one would expect the most recent digitized batch of Friedman photos – from the 1960 U.S. Grand Prix at Riverside – to produce some winners, such as the photo of CERV-I above.


* As several media outlets reported this past week, Craig Breedlove’s lawsuit against Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry, filed after Breedlove received the Spirit of America back in 2015 and discovered extensive damage to it, was given the greenlight by a federal judge.


* Has anybody seen Richard B. Cronin’s Detroit-based Waterbug – a mashup of a Buick convertible and a steel-hulled boat? Mac’s Motor City Garage would like to know its whereabouts.


* Christo, the artist best known for wrapping monuments in drapery, also planned to do the same to automobiles, including a Studebaker, Volkswagen, Volvo, and Vespa, as we learned this week from

* Finally, Kidston films an Alfa 8C out for a drive.