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Hemmings Find of the Day – 1932 BMW R11

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1932 BMW R11 motorcycle for sale. From the seller’s description:

Since BMW first began to manufacture motorcycles after the Great War in 1924, their intent was to make a product that would sell for years to come. BMW had been making motors for airplanes and other motorcycle manufacturers for many years. They would continue making engines and motorcycles and still to this day are noted for their durability.The R11 series was first made in 1929 and was produced till 1935, with a total of 75,000 being manufactured. It was the first to have the large 750-cc engine horizontally opposed twin. This engine became a primary mover for BMW up through WWII. The R11 series was replaced with the R12 series, which had the same size side valve engine. Apparently the R11 became a mainstay of the Wehrmacht, as did the R12. Not only was it a fast and reliable motorcycle for its time, many applauded the BMW traditional design as a “work of art,” hence Art Deco school of design from 1920 into the mid 40′s.

As with all of the BMW’s this old, there are some changes that were made to these models as time moved forward. An example is, this ‘may’ have the incorrect cylinder heads, but the R11 was the first of the series models, and many changes were made as they were produced.

I imported this from Italy, and have some paperwork from the 1933 registration. It has won up to 98 points in antique motorcycle judging.

1932 BMW R11 motorcycle 1932 BMW R11 motorcycle 1932 BMW R11 motorcycle 1932 BMW R11 motorcycle

Location Marker
Moscow, Pennsylvania
Magnifying Glass

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