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Four-Links – new Doodlebug, Loewy’s secret to success, first minivan drive, Checker’s diesels

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Given that none of the Diamond T Doodlebugs built for Texaco are known to have survived (and the plans to drop a quad-turbo Detroit diesel in it), we’re going to presume that the project sketches that Legacy Classic Trucks posted to its Facebook page last weekend are for a scratchbuilt vehicle. Guess we’ll have to wait until 2018 to find out. (via)


* The Atlantic this week ran a fascinating story detailing Raymond Loewy’s secret to success at marketing his designs – a conscious blending of the familiar and the novel. They story may not be so much about cars as about cultural and scientific approaches to the tension between familiarity and advancement, but it certainly applies to the evolution of automobile technology and design.


* Speaking of the adoption of new concepts, former Hemmings Sports and Exotic Car columnist Nick Kurczewski recently took a spin in one of the first Chrysler minivans with an eye on how they conquered the traditional station wagon and how SUVs in turn conquered them.


* Continuing their deep dive into Checker documents, Checker Cab Club members this week detailed the Kalamazoo company’s history of using diesel engines both for export and for sale in the United States.


* Finally, MotorCities this week began a series of articles that will take a look at historic labor disputes in the Detroit area, starting with the 1936 sit-down strike at Kelsey-Hayes.