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Four-Links – auto advent, Fiesta variants, Ford’s assembly line workers, the origins of the model year

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As he has for the last several years, artist Stefan Marjoram has taken on an auto advent calendar project, with a new piece of art each day until Christmas.


* New Fiesta coming, so Adrian Flux’s Influx recently took a look at some of the more unusual variants of the Fiesta that Ford has created over the last few decades, including the Ghia-designed Tuareg of 1978.


* On this week’s anniversary of Ford’s assembly line, Smithsonian took a look at the impact the innovation had on Ford’s workers, most of whom detested the demands it put upon them, both at the factory and away from it.


* How did the auto industry start introducing new model year cars in the fall of the previous year? An article that John Heitmann pointed out this week explores the reasons and the theories behind the phenomenon.


* Finally, one of the world’s oldest four-wheel-drive compact vehicles, the Kurogane Type 95 “Yonki” – older than the Bantam Reconnaissance Car and the Willys Quad – was recently restored for museum display in Japan. JNC has more on the car’s history and restoration.