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Hemmings Find of the Day – 1989 Bentley Mulsanne S

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From the seller’s description:

Old world hand crafted luxury cars are somewhat a thing of the past, but fortunately there are good examples still left to enjoy. This 1989 Bentley Mulsanne S, a total of which 909 were built over a 4 year period, is a fantastic car to use as a daily driver, or as an enjoyable weekend car for fun outings with friends to dinner, going to church or just a nice Sunday drive. The “S” model of the Mulsanne was a spiced up version of the previous Bentley models, and it shares most of the mechanical and styling updates of the Turbo Bentley, such as the more sporting suspension, interior gauges, quad round headlamps and more sporty steering ratio. It is essentially a Turbo Bentley, without the turbocharger. Not having a turbocharger reduces complexity to repair and service. In the Rolls and Bentley world, this is known as a “20,000” series car, and are most desired due to their level of features, but lack of multiple electronic control modules that are failure prone. I’ve driven the car daily for the past 9 months, and have worked out a few of the known problem areas on this era of Bentley in that time, and wouldnt hesitate to take it on a long journey at any time. The car’s current condition would be best described as “good driver quality”, it has some cosmetic imperfections, but none detract from the overall beauty of the car.

The interior of this Bentley alone is worth its sale price, which is approximately 10% of its original MRSP in 1989. Its beautiful saddle colored leather, along with a dark wood finish that compliments it well make this an enjoyable place to be. There is some wear on the driver’s side seat, as well as the center armrest, but little to no wear on the rest of the interior. An aftermarket stereo has been added, along with a 6 speaker sound system which sounds fantastic.

The exterior of this Bentley shows well, but does have a bit of wear that responds well to polishing, but to be in perfect condition, would need to be repainted. The 3 of the chromed aluminum wheels are in good condition, but the left rear wheel’s chrome is peeling, and could stand to be rechromed. I personally liked the car not being “perfect” as I was able to not worry so much about leaving it unattended while running errands, and the vehicle’s price reflects its condition.

Mechanical items that have been attended to in the last few years are a new steering rack, new front tires, the rear tires have approximately 50% tread remaining. The brake accumulator and rear gas spring accumulators were replaced this year, and the brake and rear hydraulic as well as a new A/c compressor, drier and a system flush. The engine oil and filter were just serviced, as well as a new engine air filter. The engine’s harmonic balancer was rebuilt, and new engine drive belts were installed at this time. The transmission fluid and filter were replaced, as well as new seals on the speedometer housing, the shifter input seal and kickdown switch seal. The power steering system was flushed and new fluid installed. The differential fluid was also serviced. A common problem on this era Bentley is the windows travel extremely slowly due to the hardening of the grease and aging of the wiring that was installed, which is honestly too small. To solve this, power supply relays were added to each door with larger wiring to give window operation like a modern car. I also added keyless entry to make the car a bit more enjoyable and was a very nice option to have while driving it daily. This car is in excellent mechanical shape, which can be some of the largest expense on a Bentley.

1989 Bentley Mulsanne S 1989 Bentley Mulsanne S 1989 Bentley Mulsanne S 1989 Bentley Mulsanne S

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