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Hemmings Find of the Day – 1963 Morris Minor delivery van

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1963 Morris Minor delivery van for sale. From the seller’s description:

Wallace and Gromit, The Curse of the Were-Rabbit immortalized these more-than-cute English delivery vans, theirs being an Austin, of course, but remarkably similar in its architecture to this delightful survivor 1963 Morris Minor van.

Found languishing in front of the SoCo Creamery’s production facility in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, sans an engine and transmission. I purchased the Morris van and immediately set about locating an engine and four-speed transmission for it. Remarkably, the same afternoon, I located a refurbished engine in Norton, Massachusetts, with a four speed transmission from a gentlemen whose father, now since departed, had performed the work to it a number of years ago. Once installed, it ran wonderfully and its four-speed transmission shifts nicely, with no issues. “I get pushed out of shape, and she’s hard to steer when I get rubber in all four gears”…… (Beach Boys, “Little Deuce Coupe” lyrics for those of you under 30). Well, not really, but fun nonetheless.

The Morris van utilizes front torsion bar suspension accompanied by front lever action serviceable hydraulic shocks, and rear leaf springs for a quarter-ton capacity and rear conventional shocks. Its ride is very nice and smooth. Rack and pinion steering provides positive and precise steering while driving.

The Morris Minor’s right-hand drive requires a few minutes of acclimation, but is simply fun when on the road when watching other drivers’ reactions when they pull up next to you, expecting to see the driver on the left. Always a “second take,” usually followed by a “thumbs up.”

Recommissioning entailed all new hoses, and belts, spark plugs, four new 185/70-14 radial tires, new antifreeze, all oils replaced, complete chassis lubrication, carburetor overhaul, wiring upgrade, new Interstate 12-volt battery, brake inspection and new Dot 3 brake fluid, new interior carpeting, and much more. Accompanying the vehicle when it’s sold will be two very nice original and comprehensive manufacturer’s Morris Minor/Sprite workshop manuals, and an extra four-speed ribbed aluminum case transmission.

The Morris Van’s body reflects an earlier period restoration and painting. Its paint, which appears to be a single-stage enamel and applied quite liberally, is brittle and flaking off in some areas. The body is very solid overall, with indications of some previous rust, but nothing structural (i.e., the frame, suspension, floors, etc). This is to be expected of a vehicle of this vintage. The front fenders, interestingly, are fiberglass and fit quite nicely, obviously the result of its first restoration. The Morris is simply charming as it is, and its appearance tells its own story over the previous 53 years.

All the lights, turn signals, (no trafficators), windshield wipers, speedometer/odometer, and heater, etc., work nicely. Glass is in very nice condition, and the windows roll up and down nicely.

In conclusion, the Morris Minor van is a great candidate for anyone with a business to promote their advertising. It, without question, garners a phenomenal amount of attention when on the road, and second looks from drivers pulling up next to you and not seeing anyone behind the wheel on the left. Very fun.

1963 Morris Minor delivery van 1963 Morris Minor delivery van 1963 Morris Minor delivery van 1963 Morris Minor delivery van

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Belchertown, Massachusetts
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