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Four-Links – international International, vet’s Mustang, quickest Moke, electric 86

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After living and traveling in a VW Bus, an International Travelall must seem like a mansion in comparison. We’ll find out how it works as the Schulte family takes their vintage Travelall with a roof-mounted tent and all their belongings within throughout South America.


* After a scammer took a World War II vet’s money, stripped his 1967 Mustang of most of its parts and dumped it without performing the promised restoration, a group of Indianapolis-area volunteers has stepped up to set things right and restore the Mustang for free.


* Maximum Mini this week ran a story on how an abused rental Moke from Hawaii became what its owner believes to be the world’s quickest Moke.


* The AE86 Corolla is renowned as one of the best platforms for drifting. Drifting requires gobs of torque. Electric motors provide torque to no end. Put it all together and you get the electric drifting AE86 that Engine Swap Depot highlighted this week.


* Finally, Good Spark Garage this week profiled the crew behind a Wall of Death show.