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Hemmings Sunday Cinema – Yugo Next, Spyker resto, Visit to Minotaur

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There’s something missing from this video introduction to the early 1990s Yugo Next art exhibition that took place in New York City and that was comprised entirely of old Yugos repurposed into animated sculpture. Such a show these days would be leadened with pretentious artistic statements on the futility of man or the return to the womb or some such rot, and without those statements, the show’s made all the more delightful. (via)

* Even if you don’t speak Dutch, this video following the discovery, restoration, and first showing of a 1906 Spyker is rather engaging. (via)

* Finally, I think this car chase scene is taken from a movie called “Visit to Minotaur,” and somehow it manages to pack every car chase stereotype (screeching tires on dirt), Eighties U.S. action flick stereotype (shooting at a vehicle in motion obviously leads to flames and a crash), and Russian stereotype (check out that hat!) into less than five minutes. Awesome.