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Hemmings Sunday Cinema – Watkins Glen found footage, cross-country Econoline, Rats Are Nocturnal

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Found footage of old race events is pretty awesome, but some of the videos put together with that footage rather lacks. Not so with the one The Chicane recently spotlighted, which shows the action at the 1953 Watkins Glen Grand Prix. Some music to accompany it, and more importantly some race results to put the action in context makes for a much more interesting video.

* A cross-country road trip takes several days, particularly in a 1966 Ford Econoline, so perhaps the best way to illustrate one is with a time-lapse, as Tim Sutton did a couple years ago. Anybody wanna guess his route?

* Finally, this Russian car chase kick I’m on now has turned up some real snoozers. But also some winners, like this bit from a 1991 flick called (I think) “Rats Are Nocturnal,” which features much randomness.