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Four-Links – Charger Daytonas compared, restoring Porsche tractors, Stutz’s Suburban, baby racers

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Dodge announced a new Charger Daytona this past week, so Allpar decided to compare and contrast all the previous iterations of the Daytona to see which one the most recent version most resembles. Answer: Not the original.


* this week gave us a brief introduction to the Porsche diesel tractors as a means of discussing the Porsche diesel tractor club’s program that involves shop classes across Europe in the restoration of the tractors.


* In its comeback years, Stutz apparently built more than just the neoclassic Pontiac-based sedan. As we see on Moto Arigato, the company also built a customized Suburban in Italy for Saudi clients.


* Continuing his documentation of the Harry Hartz V-twin-powered baby Vanderbilt Cup racers, David Greenlees at The Old Motor dug up a few more photos of the diminutive speedsters this past week.


* Finally, what’s a rocket level, and who are these secretive hot rodders who race them in the middle of the night? The Jalopy Journal introduces us to their mysterious ways.