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Photochops: the more = better edition

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Our recent story on the Futurliner had me looking through my file of saved photos and bookmarks for images to illustrate it, and while I couldn’t use the above rendering by James DonVito, it did get me thinking that it’s been far too long since I rounded up some automotive photochops that tickle my fancy. So sit back, take the red pill, and let’s explore the rabbit hole.

Now, DonVito’s hot rodded Futurliner concept probably has no chance of seeing daylight, given the six-figure sums that even half-rotted ones are apparently worth these days, but hey – maybe somebody’ll start pulling massive molds off an existing one and offering fiberglass replicas. In that case, the sky’s the limit.


What’s a photochop roundup here without something from Phil-Are-Go, who reworked this 1964 Cadillac ad to give the pictured Fleetwood a little extra trunk room at the expense of rear seating. “To us Americans, more is more, apparently. As long as it’s big, it doesn’t matter that it has an interior that is still the laughingstock of the international car community, or that it’s less aerodynamic than the garage you keep it in,” Phil wrote. “What’s faster than a sedan? A coupe! What’s faster than two wheel drive? Two more wheel drive! You can use more trunk space to carry your bags and bags of jewels and other riches, tastefully arranges in pirate chests.”


Too big, perhaps? Still need six wheels? Try Phil’s excellent micro-Sedan de Ville with zero trunk space and probably just enough room for a V-4 underhood, but will still cost you one and a half times any other car down at the tire shop.


By the best of our reckoning, this ad and rendering – which we came across on Vault of the Atomic Space Age – actually aren’t recent but date to the mid-century era. Glad to see our selected photochoppers are continuing a proud tradition of sticking extra wheels on anything and everything.


But as Andy Prieboy showed us, excess shouldn’t stop merely at the number of wheels and tires. How about grilles? One or two more grilles should spruce up any car, and in Andy’s opinion, two more horse collars was exactly what the Edsel needed. Because, you know, if you got it, flaunt it.


We stared at this six-door Mercury for a long time before concluding it is indeed a photochop. Just enough touches to it to make us think otherwise. Still a neat concept because, again, who needs trunk space? Couldn’t find an artist’s name to attach to it, so if it’s yours, please say so.


Finally, a six-wheeled double-decker UPS truck concept by Joe MacCarthy (via) that might not get my Amazon packages to me any quicker, but would certainly cause me to question reality every time it rolled through the neighborhood.

Got any photochops to share? Let us know in the comments or post them to either our Facebook page or the Hemmings Nation Flickr pool.