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From the end, a new beginning: 1974 Volvo 140 series brochure

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Ooh, that body lean is making us a bit queasy…

1974 represented the last model year for Volvo’s 140 series, which dated back to the August 1966 introduction of the B18-powered four-door 144; the two-door 142 followed in the summer of 1967, with the 145 station wagon starting production the following spring. All of these models were strong sellers for Sweden’s larger automaker, and they led directly to the mostly-new 240 series, which would be in production from 1975 through 1993.

While its appearance didn’t change greatly, the 140 models received continual improvements, including the introduction of the B20 four-cylinder for 1969 (concurrent with the introduction of the flagship six-cylinder 164); fuel injection for the 1971 142E and a new grille for all; remote linkage short-stick manual shifters (or floor-mounted automatic shifters) and wider availability of fuel injection for 1972; a fresh grille treatment, revised bumpers and a new dashboard design for 1973; and full 5 MPH bumpers were introduced for 1974, along with single-pane front windows.

These cars were competent performers in stock form (even if their body control was a bit soft), but they could be made into real performance cars with liberal sprinklings from this era’s Volvo Competition Service catalog, as seen in a rare 142 GT.



We love the bold paint colors and incredible striped cloth upholstery seen in this 1974 brochure. Wouldn’t it brighten your day to sit on those seats?

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