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Four-Links – rally Unimog, disaster in Deauville, restored Nissan wheelchair van, Earhart and the Terraplane

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Unimogs aren’t generally considered as race fodder, but they are nigh-indestructible and as we see from this story on Engine Swap Depot, they’ll go faster with bigger and more powerful Mercedes engines swapped in place of their originals.


* Danger has always been an element in auto racing, but the 1936 Grand Prix of Deauville courted disaster too closely, and the resulting deaths meant the race’s inaugural year would also be its last, as we read in an account of the race in Normandy Then and Now.


* In 1978, Nissan donated a wheelchair van for a Japanese television channel’s charity marathon, and now the automaker has had that same van restored for this year’s edition of the marathon.


* Among the many products aviator Amelia Earhart endorsed were Terraplane automobiles, something the Detroit Historical Society discusses in this recent story.


* Finally, just try to figure out how the Compound engine, developed by John Eisenhuth, worked without reading this article from The Old Motor.