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Hemmings Sunday Cinema – Johnny’s Flux Capacitor, short history of Holden, Un uomo da rispettare

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Before the news gets too old, Johnny Smith’s Flux Capacitor, his electric 1974 Enfield 8000 ECC, which we’ve linked to in the past, recently ran in the 9s. While poking around on YouTube, we came across this episode of the video series Fully Charged in which they visited Johnny and got a ride in the Flux Capacitor.

* Mac’s Motor City Garage recently came across this two-minute Holden commercial, which gives a brief history of the brand up to 1963.

* A couple of you pointed out that we’re not quite done featuring the best inseguimenti from Italian cinema if we’ve yet to post the car chase scene from the 1972 flick “Un uomo da rispettare.”