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Four-Links – LEGO Beetle, Ghost Parking Lot, AWD Escort, Mazda EX-005

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LEGO bricks are supposed to be square, right? And yet, somehow, the toymaker put together an 1,167-piece kit of one of the most-rounded vehicles of all time. I guess a Lada would’ve been too easy.


* Dan Roth recommended this one, a public art installation from the Seventies in Hamden, Connecticut, that features several cars partially buried and then covered in asphalt. Something something about commercialism.


* All the best builds on Build Threads feature a substantive change in drive layout, such as this Escort which went from rear-wheel drive to all-wheel drive thanks to a Ford Sierra drivetrain transplant.


* Another entry in the rhomboid-layout collection, Mazda’s EX-005 hybrid from 1970. Japanese Nostalgic Car has more on the show car.


* Finally, Scooter McRad’s back with the engine cutaway series, which includes this overhead-valve X-4.