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From the Toolbox #8

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This week’s mystery tool selection comes to us from reader Randy Rundle, who sent in a trio of vintage tool photos that we’ll be featuring in the coming weeks.

First up is this strange-looking set of pliers, which seem to measure just over 15-inches in length.  Judging by the tape measure, the pliers U-shaped jaw measures over one-inch on the inside diameter, with the outside measuring slightly less than two-inches at its widest point. The bar jaw likely measures around ½-inch in diameter and just over one-inch in length, and the entire tool appears to be crafted of steel. The handles appear to have been painted black at one point in time, though we’d now call them “rich with patina” instead.

This particular tool was likely used by commercial operations, and not by hobbyist mechanics (unless, of course, a used example was found for the right price at a flea market). While helpful, we’d stop short of calling these essential for all but the busiest of garages. What were these called, and how were they used?