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Four-Links – Midnight Modern, Oz Jeeps, W8 K70, VIN issues

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Photographer Tom Blachford’s Midnight Modern series expertly pairs mid-century modern architecture found throughout Palm Springs, California, with automobiles representative of the mid-century era, all shot under a full moon.


* Discussion on this week’s Jeep 75th story somehow took a turn toward Australian-built Jeeps, which became rather enlightening after somebody posted a link to’s history of Jeeps in Australia.


* From this Facebook photo album, it looks like a fella over in Germany found an abandoned VW K70, cleaned it up, and then mated its body with the chassis and drivetrain from a late-model W8-powered Passat.


* The guy in the link above may want to read this. Patrick Smith earlier this week took some time to delve into all the different ways project cars and restorations can come around to bite us, particularly when it comes to matching VINs to original sheetmetal, chassis, and drivetrains.


* Finally, a Columbus Dispatch writer’s tribute to a company car – a rusty, beat-up Cavalier dubbed Car 329- shows how people can form attachments to even the most unlikeliest of vehicles.