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Hemmings Find of the Day – 1964 Studebaker GT Hawk

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So this 1964 Studebaker GT Hawk for sale on is gonna need some sweat equity to hit the road again. That’ll probably scare off all but the most interested of buyers, and the necessary rust repairs will winnow down the pool of interested parties even more. But the bright side: With the car all disassembled and cleaned up, we can see exactly how much work it’ll require, with no hidden surprises. From the seller’s description:

This is a 1964 Studebaker GT Hawk. It has the original Studebaker 289 Cubic Inch engine with the automatic Flight-O-Matic transmission. It is originally a 2 barrel carb but bought a used 4 barrel manifold, which is included. It has ~74,000 original miles. This is Great for a project car or good parts car. I have done some work to to it. The body and a lot of parts are at my house and the chassis and drivetrain are at my mothers about 30-40 minutes away.

History: This car has 2 owners. My aunt bought this car in 1964 brand new. She willed the car to me and I received it in 1984. She used the car mainly for church, doctors’ visits and going to the grocery. I used the car primarily for shows and fun weekend drives for about 3 years. I wanted more out of the car and decided I was going to restore the car with a full off chassis restore. I completed the breakdown about 1989. I then started some of the work to restore the car. I sandblasted the chassis and painted it black. I also had all the body parts bead blasted and primed with an epoxy primer. I spent about $1,500 getting the car bead blasted and primed. I spent about $1,200 getting the front floor pans replaced. I have approximately $2,000 in brand new parts

Current State of car: The car is still completely unassembled. I have new trunk pans primed with epoxy primer and ready for someone to replace them. I have new rocker panels primed and ready for installation. There is some metal work that needs to be done as you will see in the pictures. For the most part the body is pretty solid. I checked the engine and it is not frozen. Everything was working before I took the car apart. I also have all the parts for the car in order to rebuild. A very small set of parts were in a garage that caught on fire. They have smoke damage but I think are fine. They are more small electric components. The front and rear glass as well. I am not sure if the glass is salvageable or not.

New Parts I purchased: Gas shocks, Tie rod end, Front Stabilizer bar bushing kit, front brake wheel cylinder kit, front brake shoe and linking set, Dust covers, Inner wheel bearing cone and cup front, Outer wheel bearing cone and roller, Outer wheel bearing cup, front brake hose, Gasket for brake hose, coil spring insulator, front springs, Upper outer control arm kit, lower outer control arm kit, upper inner bushing A-frame, lower inner bushing A-Frame, Water pump, some assorted rubber parts, Rear glass center bar seal, chrome exhaust extensions, chrome side mirror, chrome hood emblem, gold gran torismo fender emblem (2), chrome hawk trunk emblem, red/white/blue fender emblems (2), gold hawk side roof (2), set of 4 window escutcheons, used 4 barrel manifold, chrome grill insert, 2 rocker panels, 2 trunk floor corner supports, trunk pan

1964StudebakerGTHawk_02_700 1964StudebakerGTHawk_03_700 1964StudebakerGTHawk_04_700 1964StudebakerGTHawk_05_700 1964StudebakerGTHawk_06_700

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Madisonville, Louisiana
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