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Hemmings Find of the Day – Rain for Rent dragster

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Ninety-nine percent of the cars and trucks that appear as Hemmings Finds of the Day are probably ninety-nine percent more practical than the Rain for Rent Top Fuel dragster from the mid- to late Seventies, as seen for sale on, but nobody’s buying retired rear-engine dragsters to make their weekly grocery runs. Instead, it’s all about the show and the spectacle, usually displayed at a Cacklefest or other similar event, and with its bright orange paint, big honkin’ Hemi and matching trailer, it’ll hardly fail to get noticed. From the seller’s description:

Nestled away in its own trailer for decades, relatively complete and almost forgotten, this historic specimen had become the home of many Black Widow Spiders. The acquisition and subsequent tedious “fact based” restoration/preservation, is nothing short of amazing.

Firmly rooted in the seeds of Automotive Racing History! The “Warren Coburn-Rain for Rent-Top Fuel Dragster” rattled the competition and shook the crowds at “The Bakersfield March Meet” during the mid-late 70’s as part of the Nitro crowd called the “Ridge Route Terrors”. Amazingly, this was the 1st Dragster to run 6 consecutive passes in the 5 second range and Won the Bakersfield Fuel/Gas Championships 3 years in a row (1975-1978). This team ran at many tracks including the Florida Gator Nationals and won against other racing greats, such as Don Garlits and Shirley Muldowny…

During the restoration process, the current owner/restorer consulted with both driver James Warren and builder Roger Coburn, to ensure absolute era correctness. Both the original dragster and rare Mr. Ed Trailer have been completely and painstakingly restored to period perfection. The complete 426 Hemi engine assembly was rebuilt/assembled by well known Southern California Drag Racing engine builder Jim Shewbert and is currently set to safely start/run on alcohol. On the body, the hand painted lettering and/or graphics were performed by the “original” artist “Kenny Youngblood” of Las Vegas…

In closing, along with the tedious restoration, the owner has collected a host of historic period documentation, magazines, posters, photos and even preserved the actual 1977 “NHRA Chassis Certification” Serial #86-020, Car/Class #695-T/F.

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