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Four-Links – California’s Ridge Route, Vespa-Davidson, McPherson’s Pierce, two-seater Mustangs

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It’s shockingly easy for a once-major road to go forgotten, as we see from a Los Angeles Times article this week about California’s Ridge Route Road, supplanted by Highway 99 and later Interstate 5 and in recent years more or less decommissioned. One fan of the windy century-old road, however, doesn’t intend to let it just fade off into history.


* What happens when you add a V-Twin to a Vespa? As we can see from Engine Swap Depot’s article on the bike, 15 pounds of fun in a five-pound sack.


* In three months, students in Ed Barr’s metalshaping classes at McPherson College pounded out a mostly complete replica of the Thompson-Glasscock Special, as The Old Motor reported this week.


* Mac’s Motor City Garage this week took a look over the various two-seater Mustang proposals that have come and gone over the years.


* Finally, The Automobile and American Life provided a concise argument this week on how the rush to mobilize during World War I helped transform the American automobile industry.