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Hemmings Find of the Day – 1934 Ford roadster by Boyd Coddington

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Hot rods and street rods tend to evolve over time – tastes change, better components are released all the time, and builder/owners are almost never satisfied with them as-is – but this aluminum-bodied 1934 Ford roadster built by Boyd Coddington for sale on doesn’t appear to have changed at all in 25 years, ever since the monochrome-and-billet-wheels period of street rodding. From the seller’s description:

Well before the debut of the American Hot Rod TV Show, Boyd always pushed the boundaries from concept to function. Based on a 1987 concept sketch by Thom Taylor, this hand formed “All Aluminum” bodied creation was initially intended to be Boyd’s personal show-piece but Mike McEwen of Las Vegas, Nevada, noticed it during construction and pressed Boyd to build it exclusively for him…

Shortly after the completion, it was appropriately recognized with a three-page color article in Street-Rodder magazine (10/89). Mike enjoyed/protected it for over a decade (11 yrs) and when he finally decided to part with it, he shipped it back to Boyd Coddington to handle the sale. Boyd then contacted one of his longtime friends, dating back into the 70’s who had always admired the car. A deal with a trade was struck and “Walt” would become the 2nd and Current Owner of 16 sweet years..

Build Details and Components: Master craftsman, “Craig Neff” and Boyd’s crew formed the entire body and many of its components from sheets of aluminum and chunks of billet. Painted “Boyd Red” lacquer by “Gregg Morrell.” the monochromatic lightweight channeled body features include suicide doors, clamshell type hood, custom “Jim Rench” aluminum grille, body molded windshield pillars, aluminum King Bee headlights, fabricated mirrors and subtle pinstriping by “Dennis Ricklefs”…

Boyd’s creations, always “Pushed the Boundaries” with the promise that “his cars would perform as well as they look.” The Hot Rod by Boyd’s chassis began with extended “Just-A-Hobby Deuce rails featuring 109” wheelbase, custom crossmembers, Boyd’s IFS front independent suspension w/Carrera Shocks, “Fiat” rack-n-pinion steering, Boyd’s IRS rear suspension w/milled components, “Wilwood” 4 wheel Disc brake system, stainless steel lines and of course, 1 of a kind Boyd 3 piece knock-off wheels…

Power By Ford includes a High-Output 5.0 liter V8, polished multi-port fuel-injection, computerized with electronic ignition, polished aluminum valve covers, stainless hardware w/machined bolts/studs, Jim Babbs radiator with polished brass top tank, polished billet belt drive & pulleys, S&S headers, custom HPC coated stainless exhaust system with Magna-Flow mufflers & aircraft style connections. Transferring the modern power is a C-4 automatic transmission and Corvette rear differential housing…

The custom original interior by “Bobby Griffey” features sculpted Camel tweed fabric, custom door panels, freshened wool carpet by “Ron Mangus,” custom aluminum dash assembly, vintage black face VDO instrumentation, LED indicator lamps, modified GM tilt steering column, custom 1-piece aluminum steering wheel by “Johnny Anderson” and red anodized billet pedals & shifter…

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