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Hemmings Find of the Day – 1950 Buick Roadmaster wrecker

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The phenomenon of converting used luxury cars into wreckers more or less ended with the Depression, but as we can see from this 1950 Buick Roadmaster-based wrecker for sale on, the idea didn’t die once prosperity returned to the country. This particular example looks a little more refined with its concealed wrecker boom and winch, all of which looks undisturbed from the day whoever built it decided to retire it. From the seller’s description:

I believe this wrecker was custom built in the mid 1950’s by a Buick dealership near or in Oakland, CA. The workmanship is superb. The boom actually retracts into the floor of the bed. No this did not start life as a flower car. It has minimal rust on the rear fender and on one wheel arch dog leg. The floors are excellent (no prior patches, etc.). It starts right up and runs well. The brakes were overhauled, but a few years ago. I discovered the car in a collection in Northern CA, several years ago. I have had it in dry storage since, up until a few days ago when I decided to get here fired up and take some photos of it. While doing so, I rolled the passenger window up to see a prior owner had written with used car lot chalk $1,000,000 on it. I assume too many people wanted to buy it and so he decided to put a price on it. Sold with clear title.

1950BuickRoadmaster_02_1000 1950BuickRoadmaster_03_1000 1950BuickRoadmaster_04_1000 1950BuickRoadmaster_05_1000 1950BuickRoadmaster_06_1000 1950BuickRoadmaster_07_1000

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Lynchburg, Virginia
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