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Four-Links – Japanese funny cars, sleeper Summit, Beetle GSR, Brown Bomber

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One of the unlikeliest stories we’ve seen on Japanese Nostalgic Car as of late was their look back at that hazily remembered period of time in the late 1970s when Japanese cars suddenly became fair game for NHRA funny car builders.


* Speaking of unlikely drag racers, the Eagle Summit in the photo above doesn’t look like it’d pose much of a threat on the dragstrip, but as Engine Swap Depot pointed out this week, turbo plus all-wheel-drive equals great quarter-mile times.

Volkswagen Beetle GSR

* Speaking of performance cars built from everyday passenger cars, Ronan Glon at Ran When Parked this week took a look at the Volkswagen Beetle GSR of the Seventies.


* Speaking of… okay, I don’t have a good segue to the article that David Greenlees at The Old Motor penned about the Packard Brown Bomber concept car that saw at least a few different iterations during the Thirties and Forties.


* And finally, as we found out when writing the story on H.M.S. Truckie, researching the history of a customizing trend is not exactly easy, but Custom Car Chronicles decided to take a swing at documenting the origins and impact of the chopped top.