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Four-Links – van show, FEI X-3, THF on imperfections, Pitts Skycar

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According to the Showvans blog, the recent Cleveland Autorama’s show-within-a-show dedicated to custom vans was the largest indoor van show in more than 30 years. Also shows how far custom vanning has come since then.


* Based largely on Chrysler components, the FEI X3 was a Brazilian supercar of the Seventies designed entirely by students, as The Petrol Stop informed us this week.


* There’s no bright line between conservation and restoration, as The Henry Ford recently discovered when faced with damage to its Le Mans-winning 1967 Ford GT40 Mk IV. A recent post on the museum’s blog detailed what went into the museum’s decisions.


* There’s also no bright line between genius and crackpot, as we can infer from The Old Motor’s recent post on inventor John W. Pitts, notable primarily for his attempts at building a flying car.


* Finally, Vivienne Strauss decided to combine cars, birds, and houseplants in a collage series. Because.