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Hemmings Sunday Cinema – Leno and La Bestioni, folding scooter caravan, Italia a Mano Armata

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It’s a good bet that many of you started following Jay Leno’s old car exploits after he got involved in the subculture of giant tank/airplane/firetruck-engined roadsters, and he returned to that form in the latest Jay Leno’s Garage video with a look at La Bestioni, a 1915 American LaFrance roadster.

* Who needs a big ol’ camper when you could pull this tiny folding caravan with a tiny little boat on top and a tiny little sidecar to the side of this itty-bitty-witty scooter, as seen in a vintage British Pathe film?

* And finally, Roma Violenta, from which we pulled last week’s car chase, spawned a number of sequels, among them “Italia A Mano Armata” (“A Special Cop in Action,” as it became known in the United States), which included another car chase, this one with a more explodey ending.