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Hemmings Find of the Day – 1935 Morgan Super Sports barrelback replica

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“Hoot to drive” should really be in every old car listing, unless it’s something we all take for granted, in which case, we have this replica 1935 Morgan Super Sports barrelback for sale on to remind us that’s what the hobby is all about. Besides, how else would one describe a Harley-powered right-hand drive three-wheeled roadster? From the seller’s description:

It has some modifications from original. It has a V twin Harley-Davidson engine, with a three speed transmission. The upper sheet metal is machine turned stainless with Mahogany trim around the cockpit. It has new wiring with turn signals. It does only have three wheels and is a hoot to drive. It gets lots of attention when it is parked and lots more when it is on the move.

1935Morgan_02_700 1935Morgan_03_700 1935Morgan_04_700 1935Morgan_05_700

Location Marker
Loveland, Colorado
Magnifying Glass

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