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Four-Links – first Porsche, first Sebring, first street sweepers, last Studebakers

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Other vehicles designed and built by Ferdinand Porsche going back to the turn of the century have adopted the Porsche name in the years since, but the first to actually wear the Porsche name, according to Ronan Glon at Ran When Parked, was the 1948 Type 356, a mid-engine prototype of what would eventually become the production 356, and a car that Ronan recently photographed in the Porsche museum.


* While we’re on the topic of firsts, the Tampa Tribune recently took a look back at the first Sebring race, which wasn’t 12 hours long, didn’t have Sebring in the title, didn’t take place in March, and was won by a Crosley.


* They may not have been the actual first street sweepers, but the ones that The Old Motor recently found photos of were certainly some of the first, and showed that there’s more than one way to skin a cat and to sweep a street.


* As at least a couple folks pointed out in our story on the Sceptre and other Brooks Stevens Studebaker designs, this past week marked 50 years since the last Canadian-built Studebakers – and thus the last Studebaker automobiles ever – rolled off the production line. Mac’s Motor City Garage has more on that anniversary.


* Finally, it takes plenty of courage to own up to previous mistakes, something John Heitmann did this past week in reference to the passage on Corvairs in his 2009 book. As a mea culpa, he set the record straight in regard to the origins of the Corvair’s character assassination.