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Hemmings Sunday Cinema – 1972 Bathurst, Jeeps in Moab, Death Race 2000

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Bathurst has to be one of the greatest races that Americans don’t watch. Fortunately, there’s YouTube, where we can get the highlights of many great Bathurst races from years past, including this 25-minute look at the 1972 running, when Peter Brock first won it.

* Easter’s coming up, which means Jeepers are eagerly anticipating Moab. In the meantime, we can also look back at a Moab Jeep trip – specifically up Pritchett Trail – from 1970, thanks to this video that Dee Gardiner uploaded to Vimeo.

* Finally, to celebrate Roger Corman’s announcement this past week that he’ll be producing a sequel to “Death Race 2000,” here’s the entirety of the classic 1975 film.