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Hemmings Find of the Day – 1961 Pontiac Tempest station wagon

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While it’s not a car for those afraid of a little work or for those afraid of cutting checks to guys who wield welders for a living, this 1961 Pontiac Tempest station wagon for sale on appears rather complete (minus, of course, what the rust ate away), a key factor for a car that doesn’t get as much aftermarket support as its arrowhead siblings. From the seller’s description:

Car has aftermarket air conditioning. Bench seats front and back and a very large cargo compartment behind rear seat.

There is considerable rust, mainly on the left front fender and left rocker panel. Other body parts are sound with surface rust. There is a hole in the floor pan in front of right rear seat. Window glass is good all around.

The car has been sitting for 14 years, so restoration will take plenty of work and is therefore priced accordingly. The engine has compression, it cranks rapidly when spark plugs are removed, and is tight with plugs installed. Brake pedal goes to the floor so brake cylinders need rebuild or replacement. Rear seat upholstery is good, looks original, front needs replacement. Door panel upholstery has shrunk and will need replacement. Front tires stay inflated, back tires don’t.

Car has been in the family 52 years, clear title of course.

1961PontiacTempest_02_700 1961PontiacTempest_03_700 1961PontiacTempest_04_700 1961PontiacTempest_05_700

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Ironton, Missouri
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