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Four-Links – VW bus rescue, the massive Pipe, cop Renault, year of the monkey (bike)

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The VW Type 2 in the photo above is apparently a one-family, low-mileage example that also happens to be one of the oldest right-hand drive Volkswagens ever. And as bad as it looks in the photo, it turned out to be in much worse shape, as this thread on TheSamba shows. Yet a couple hopeful Brits plan to resurrect it, pretty much from scratch.


* Something like a cross between a locomotive, the Pullman behind it, and a steamroller is this Belgian bus called the Pipe. The Old Motor has more on the primitive brute.


* Years after he spotted it moldering by a hotel in Louisiana, Ran When Parked’s Ronan Glon remains stumped by a black-and-white-scheme Renault Dauphine. Hard to imagine any police department in the rural South going with a French car for patrol duty, but it’s even harder to imagine why anybody would fake such a clash of cues.


* This past Monday marked the start of the Chinese New Year, and this is apparently the year of the monkey, so Japanese Nostalgic Car ran with that idea and re-dubbed it the year of the monkey bike.


* Finally, a $100 Chevelle is as good as any car to serve as the basis for a replica of the 1955 Belond Miracle Power Special Indy car, as we see from a recent post on Car Build Index.