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Four-Links – Stevens Lakester, top 10 Chevrolet race engines, Coleman’s bricks, beautiful bucks

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Brooks Stevens fans are generally Brooks Stevens fans because the industrial designer took an out-of-left-field approach to many of his designs, and none came from further afield than his Evinrude Lakester concept of 1970, a combination speedboat and dune buggy ostensibly powered entirely by the boat’s Evinrude outboard motor. Mac’s Motor City Garage took a look at the concept this past week and wonders whether it ever really ran or if it still exists.

10 Great Chevrolet Racing Engines

* To commemorate its new powertrain center, Chevrolet ginned up a list of what it considers its top 10 racing engines, eight of which are V-8s. How do you think their list shapes up?


* The Old Motor this week took a look at the curious creations of Harleigh Holmes, who built a series of slab-sided experimental cars for the Coleman Motor Company.


* Of course there’s an artistry in cars, but as Scooter McRad recently pointed out, there’s also an element of art in the wooden bucks used to shape those cars.


* Finally, an account of the recent resurrection of another race car built by J.G. Parry-Thomas, the man behind the infamous monster record-breaker Babs.