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Hemmings Find of the Day – 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 302

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Some people would probably moan at the minor deviations from stock on this 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 302 for sale on, such as the smog pump delete performed during the restoration. Others would probably cheer those deviations as improvements. Both, however, should be able to agree that this Boss ‘2 sports an impressive restoration with plenty enough correct and date-coded parts to thrill most Mustang guys. From the seller’s description:

 This yellow 1969 Boss 302 was restored completely. It is extremely solid. It’s had new quarters put on by the previous owner. The fit & finish is extremely nice. The interior is very original “standard black 2A.” The engine is an original C8FE Block with the original crank C7FE, rods & cam. The heads have been completely gone through & they are C9ZE heads. It’s been balanced with the original C9ZE flywheel. It does not have the original distributor nor does it have smog pump. Carburetor is the original 780 holley “J code.” Transmission is not the original that came with the car, it is not VIN stamped, but it is an original top loader. It has a performance clutch and pressure plate so the pedal is a stiffer than normal. Rear gear is all fresh traction loc 31 spline 3.50. It has F60 Goodyear Polyglas tires with argent silver Magnum 500 wheels. It has the original spindles special larger than other Mustangs, front & rear springs, which are unique to the 69 Boss 302’s. The car has exactly 113,691 miles on the odometer, but only 158 miles since restoration. It runs extremely smooth, but only gets trailered to shows. The attached invoice & deluxe report shows what options are original on this car, such as P/S, rear slats, & rear spoiler is plastic for 1969, The plastic 69 spoiler has a natural sag from the sun’s heat.

There is a document on the car dating back to the ’80’s stating that the antenna was on the original quarter panel. When the cars were shipped from Ford to the dealer the antenna and rear front spoiler were shipped in the car and installed at the dealer and could be installed on any panel at owners request.

The final paint job, code 9 is painted with acrylic enamel with no clear coat to give it an original look. (Diztler Delstar)

1969FordMustang_02_700 1969FordMustang_03_700 1969FordMustang_04_700 1969FordMustang_05_700 1969FordMustang_06_700

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