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Hemmings Sunday Cinema – Santa Pod, prewar dry lakes racing, French Connection

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Santa Pod Raceway over in England is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year and released a snazzy little promo video, but we thought it’d be more appropriate to take a look at this home video from the track’s opening year.

* As a nice followup to last week’s video of postwar racing at El Mirage, we came across this one of some pre-war racing on other Southern California dry lakes.

* Of all the car chase scenes we’ve run in this series, I can’t recall any taken from movies that won the Oscar for best picture – movies that feature car chases and movies that win best picture tend not to overlap all that much. The exception, however, is the 1971 film “The French Connection,” which features Gene Hackman abusing a Pontiac LeMans in the streets of New York, and which the HVA recently highlighted in its list of top Seventies car chase scenes.