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Pontiac presents the Great Breakaway

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Still image from video below.

If you want some ’60s cool and sneak peek behind the curtain at some of the inner workings of Pontiac in 1969 then this video is for you. Found on the GM Heritage Center website or on YouTube, it provides a collage of quick-cut film clips to give you an idea of the development work that went into a new Pontiac. Some of the images are stunning.

It starts off a little hokey with a jogging scene, but once inside Pontiac, it’s quite entertaining. There are clips of planning meetings; assembly lines; the engine foundry with an engine block; block machining and piston and rod installation; parts production and testing and proving grounds action.

You may even notice some intriguing little details in the various scenes. For instance, is that a Ram Air V connecting rod being handed around the table at 1:25 to 1:38? At 3:07 a red ’69 GTO convertible with wire wheel covers is roasting the right rear tire, and at 3:13 there are action shots of a silver ‘69 Firebird 400. There are also multiple renderings and photos of the new-for-1969 Grand Prix shown.

If you look quickly, at 3:23 you’ll spot the Rally I wheel on the green Pontiac, which wasn’t offered for ’69, so this assembly line clip was likely from 1968 production. At 3:46, 4:04 and 5:23 the Red Catalina in the car wash reveals its optional gauge package. Of course, as had very quickly become a Pontiac mainstay, its Endura nose was then tested—this time via a little-leager’s Lousiville Slugger at 5:10.

Here are few eclectic lines from the very 1960s soundtrack.

“Make it sassy…paint it blue!”

“It’s time to deliver…just one wash…soap and water…and plenty of slosh!”

“Named for an Island…off the coast of LA…You know what they’ll say?…That’s a Girls Name!…Catalina”

This video should offer about 6 minutes of fun for any fan of vintage Pontiacs…or even just vintage fans.