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Four-Links – Bowie’s mirror Mini, Gee Bee racer, Scalextric museum, Handcrafted Cars Volume 1

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Two things about the late David Bowie. Yes, he designed a chrome Mini for BMW for the 40th anniversary of the marque in 1998-1999. Torch had a pretty good writeup on that over at Jalopnik this week. And no, contrary to a meme that went around this week based on a 1959 photo of a guy that looked a lot like Bowie installing trim on a Mini, David Bowie did not work on a Mini assembly line – he was 12 in 1959, after all.


* As David Greenlees at The Old Motor relayed this week, the Granville brothers – the ones behind the iconic Gee Bee racing plane – proposed a three-wheeler to race at Indy in 1934. It doesn’t appear to have gotten any further than the above designs.


* Jonathan Moore at Speedhunters recently took in the UK’s Scalextric Museum, which is slated to move into a newer facility soon but still managed to bring out the kid in him.


* Though in progress, Volume 1 of Handcrafted Cars, Geoff Hacker and company’s illustrated guide/scrapbook on the history of fiberglass cars of the Fifties and Sixties, already contains a good amount of information.


* Finally, while the tussles between Uber/Lyft and established taxi companies seem  out of hand these days, they’re nothing compared to what took place in Chicago in the Twenties, when Yellow took to defending its turf against Checker and other upstarts with assaults, drive-bys, and even a few firebombings.