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Hemmings Find of the Day – 1970 Mazda Cosmo

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The burden of owning an original car — for some people, at least — is that they can’t just willy-nilly add or restore items, and repairs have to be extremely deliberate. But stepping back a bit from extreme preservation grants a car owner far more latitude to actually enjoy a car like this 1970 Mazda Cosmo for sale on It’s still in nice shape with its original parts, but it’s also been treated to select restoration and upgrades that don’t seem to detract from the car’s character. From the seller’s description:

Last year, I bought this L10B Cosmo and a 110S Cosmo from one of Japan’s largest rotary-engine car collectors. Chassis number 777 was the car that he drove most frequently to Cosmo Owners Club meetings and car shows because of its cool chassis number and excellent condition.

This wonderful Cosmo has only ever been sympathetically restored and therefore never fully apart. This means that it will drive better and will remain more solid than a car that’s been taken apart and put back together. These, like many older cars are rarely the same again after having been disassembled.

The steering wheel, air cleaner, wheels and hubcaps are all correct and original to this car. These are often missing and if you compare this car to recent auctions, you’ll see the majority of cars on offer without these difficult to find original pieces. They typically sport custom rims and steering wheels and other odd pieces. The only car that I’ve seen in person that I think is superior to this car is the L10A, which was restored to an impeccable standard and which sold for $264,000 at the Gooding and Co Pebble Beach auction last year. #777 is, however, much more original than that car.

The undercarriage remains in excellent original condition without rust issues and without any structural issues or repairs. The paint was done long enough ago to bear some patina, but not so long ago that it looks to need refurbishment. The interior is exceptional, you will notice correct and perfect seats, original diamond pattern leather and a brand new carpet. The rear window has a period mesh style “tint” with the words “Cosmo Sport Owner’s Club” visible near the base of the rear window. The dashboard looks to be all original and excellent.

This super-cool JDM classic runs and drives very well and the cabin has been fitted with an aftermarket a/c which blows very cold!

I first drove this car in Japan, in Tokyo traffic, with the heat and humidity of late summer and the a/c performed very well. This car also holds the unique distinction of being the only car that I’ve driven in an elevator.

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