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Hemmings Find of the Day – 1982 Checker A11

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Finding a Checker cab in unused, low-mileage condition is sorta like coming across an unopened package of those giant multicolor Christmas light bulbs from the Fifties or a still sealed 40-year-old tube of toothpaste – they were all expected to be used up and tossed out long ago, but some quirk of fate kept them pristine. This 1982 Checker A11 for sale on sat on a shelf for many years before everybody realized it would never serve as a taxi, as it was originally intended. From the seller’s description:

45 miles from new! Ordered by Black and white Cab in Arkansas and never put in service. Truly brand new! New paint (was faded). This Checker was never put in service, sat as a spare waiting and never got the call. 6-cylinder engine, automatic transmission. ALL the taxi options. Completely restored all new fuel system and mechanicals.

1982Checker_02_1000 1982Checker_03_1000 1982Checker_04_1000 1982Checker_05_1000

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Haverhill, Massachusetts
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