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Four-Links – Visible V-8, Christie’s cars, Quadrifoglio, MOAAAD

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Model kits do a good job of priming kids’ interests in more adult pursuits, like cars or planes. As Mac’s Motor City Garage pointed out this week in a look back at the Visible V-8 kit, which dates to the late 1950s, they can occasionally serve as educational tools as well.


* J. Walter Christie’s front-wheel-drive automobiles of the early 20th century may not have been the first to use that drive configuration, but they did contain plenty of innovations, even if many of them didn’t quite work out in the end. Still, a fascinating figure who followed through on his ideas for automobiles, as Lee Stohr discussed this week over at The Old Motor.


* For more than 90 years, the four-leafed clover – quadrifoglio, in Italian – has graced racing and even production Alfa Romeos. Ronan Glon at Ran When Parked this week gave us a brief overview of its origin and history as Alfa’s good-luck charm.


* In the comments on the American Dreaming article from earlier this week, Walter Miller reminded us of his Museum of Automobile Art and Design, which collects many more old car renderings like those going on display in Detroit this weekend.


* Finally, speaking of Detroit, a new bar, The Whiskey Six, recently opened in Grosse Pointe, worth mentioning here because it takes its name from the six-cylinder rumrunners that operated in the Detroit-Windsor area during Prohibition and because of the six-cylinder Studebaker installed in the bar.