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Four-Links – Roy Lunn, Mod Top Daytona, vintage snowplows, customized race transporters

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Roy Lunn, the man behind Ford’s GT40 and, ultimately, its racing successes, recently was feted at an event put together in Florida that featured plenty GT40s, GTs, and Cobras. Car Guy Chronicles has coverage of the event.


* The Mod Top, that floral-pattern vinyl top with matching interiors that Chrysler used to make itself appear hip in the late Sixties, was never supposed to go on the Charger, let alone the Charger Daytona, but one apparently did slip out with the decoration and is now going under restoration. Moore’s Mopars has more on it. (via)


* In the days before multi-ganged plows clearing a swath down the Interstate, we had Walters like the one above to clear the roads of snow. The Old Motor this week took a look at how these primitive plows got the job done.


* A far smaller subspecialty of trucks were those built by chrome platers to act as support vehicles and tow trucks for Southern California jalopy racers and midget racers of the 1930s. Rik Hoving over at Custom Car Chronicle put together an article this week focusing on a handful of the more prominent ones.


* Finally, what can you do with an old school bus? Quite a bit, according to a book put together by Farm Show that details about 300 ways to repurpose old buses and combines. (via)