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Hemmings Find of the Day – 1956 Lincoln Premiere two-door coupe

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When I write or read about collectible Lincolns, I end up thinking wistfully about how Ford’s luxury division once produced cars that people aspired to own because, duh, they were Lincolns. In other words, more or less the opposite of the vehicles badged as Lincolns in the 21st Century.

High on my list of aspirational automobiles from Lincoln’s proud yesteryear is this machine: The 1956 Lincoln Premiere — the brand’s top-of-the-line model that year as the Capri took the place of the Custom.

Menacing styling, big V-8 power from its OHV V-8 (275 hp/401-lb.ft. of torque) and standard equipment on the flagship that included: power windows, a four-way power adjustable seat, Travel-Tuner Radio, automatic Turbo Drive transmission with “escalator action” and power steering (those last two were standard on all ’56 Lincolns, actually).

Extra cost stuff included: power brakes, Push-Button Lubrication to keep the front end and steering greased, air conditioning and more. The ’56s also boasted 12-volt electricals, dual exhaust, and a standard 3.07:1 gear ratio unless A/C was ordered, which dropped the gears down to 3.31:1.

This black ’56 Premiere was donated by its owner to the State University of New York at Canton, in Canton, New York, who specified that the car be sold and the proceeds go to the school’s Automotive Technology program. Hopefully this Premiere made an impression on one of the young people at the college while they were prepping it for its next owner.

From the seller’s description:

Stunning 1956 Lincoln Premiere 2 door coupe with red and white leather interior. This car was donated to SUNY Canton, a college in upstate New York, by a donor who requested the money obtained from the sale be allocated toward the Automotive Department. SUNY Canton’s automotive club has enjoyed learning about this beautiful classic car, and have cleaned and polished, restoring it to its natural 1956 beauty. This car was stored professionally for years in a heated garage. All documentation on repairs and maintenance are available upon request.

1956 Lincoln Premier 1956 Lincoln Premier 1956 Lincoln Premier 1956 Lincoln Premier

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