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Four-Links – Studebaker building demo’d, trucker slang, Star Wars vehicles, L.I. Auto Museum

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Progress has claimed another old building with automotive ties: the former Studebaker dealership in downtown Akron, which has stood vacant for some time. According to the Akron Beacon-Journal, the owner, a local high school, never used it and had trouble keeping up with the graffiti that kept popping up on it.


* Atlas Obscura this week took a look not at any sort of physical landmark, but at something else commonly found along U.S. highways: trucker slang, something that they report hasn’t completely died out even in this age of smartphones and apps. (via)


* By order of the Internet, Disney, et al., we’re required to include some sort of Star Wars content this holiday season, so let’s just point to Make Magazine’s collection of IRL Star Wars vehicles, including the Burning Man sandcrawler above.


* Over at the Vanderbilt Cup Races blog, a then-vs.-now comparison of the Long Island Automotive Museum, using photos from the Walter McCarthy collection.


* Finally, good to see the Build Threads project garage up and complete.