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Four-Links – Exeter Trial, airbags, air-cooled Marmons, origins of the Saleen S7

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To a certain group of British motorists, Christmas doesn’t so much hold the promise of holiday cheer, drinking eggnog, and unwrapping presents. Rather, the holiday – specifically Boxing Day – brings with it the Exeter Trial, better known as the London to Exeter and Back Winter Club Run, which the folks at Engine Punk are rather excited about this year.


* We all know by now that airbags were conceived of as a safety restraint before the Seventies, so why did it take almost 20 years for them to appear in American cars? The New York Times this week explored that question.


* These days, Marmons are known more as a luxury competitor for Cadillac and Packard, but Marmon’s legacy also includes many a technological innovation, such as the air-cooled engines the company experimented with in the 1900s. The Old Motor has more on the engines.


* One of the best pieces of automotive journalism this past week came from Raph at Jalopnik, who decided to track down the rumors and inconsistencies surrounding the genesis of the Saleen S7 supercar.


* Finally, Silodrome took a look at a fairly rare Brough motorcycle that added not just an inline four, adapted from the Austin four-cylinder engine, but also a third rear wheel.