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Four-Links – Hansen Cobra, magazine covers, A2000, Venus (de) Bilo

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We’ve taken a look at the Hansen Cobra before – specifically the one that’s not in the Petersen Automotive Museum – but with the recent re-opening of the museum, Jive-Bomber at The Jalopy Journal shared a few photos of the Hansen Cobra in the museum.


* Yes, articles on one-off or low-production homebuilt specials from the Fifties tend to come from Geoff Hacker, but he was busy this week putting together a gallery of all the vintage magazine covers that feature such cars, including the one above that didn’t pass the flight-of-fancy stage.


* Speaking of flights of fancy, Aaron Beck’s rendering of a slammed, fat-tired, Formula 1-ish murdered-out Model A almost seemed so off-the-wall that there’s no way it could become a reality. Almost, that is, except for James Schwartz, who went ahead and built a real-life version of the car using a scratchbuilt chassis and a Honda S2000’s running gear. Engine Swap Depot has the build pics.


* Volvo’s Venus Bilo may not have gone anywhere due to its unconventional aesthetics, but as Ronan Glon of Ran When Parked pointed out in his profile of the streamlined 1933 sedan, it remains significant due to its status as Volvo’s first concept car.


* Finally, it’s hard to imagine an airport without a bunch of rental car counters these days, but in the 1940s most people couldn’t imagine an airport with one. Except for Warren Avis, as this Automotive Hall of Fame profile on the rental car agency founder points out.