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Two pins and 21 Points of Superiority: a salesman’s rewards

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Making the argument for auto enthusiasm being a hereditary trait, reader Gregory Hall of Houston recently sent us photos of some of his grandfather’s memorabilia – a pair of pins and a Certificate of Merit from when Sam Hall worked as a parts salesman for Southern Chevrolet of Houston. Hall wrote:

Judging by the letter, he scored well enough on a sales training class to earn the card holder. It is 7 1/2″ x 4 1/2″. It is leather and is similar to a thin wallet. Printed on the left side in gold are the 21 Points of Superiority of the 1932 Chevrolet. The card to the right in the holder is a certificate of merit from H. J. Klinger, Vice President and General Sales Manager. He may be from the office of Chevrolet Motor Company of Texas but possibly from Chevrolet in Michigan. The letter was folded and tucked into the card holder so apparently the holder was not used by my grandfather. The letter and card have December 15, 1931 for a date and the merit card states it is for the 1932  Chevrolet Six. I have also included photos of two lapel pins from Chevrolet. The gold oval pin is Chevrolet POP Club. I don’t know what the POP represented. The pin on the card has a blue enamel Chevrolet symbol.  Above it says Genuine and below it says Parts Man. Weight scale trays are on either side.

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My grandfather would have been in his late 20’s at this time. I don’t know how long he was with Chevrolet but he moved to Hargis Motors which was a Ford/Lincoln/Fordson dealership in Houston. Of course, all of the dealerships were in the downtown area back then. He was always a parts salesman and I don’t think he was ever a car salesman. In the 1950’s, he opened his own auto parts store, Hall’s Auto Supply. He worked there until his death in 1995. His business had a Motorcraft franchise so he sold many parts to the dealerships and to companies with a fleet.

Thanks, Greg!