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Aston Martin announces Assured Provenance certification program

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The Aston Martin Works in Newport Pagnell, England. Photo courtesy Aston Martin.

As vintage Aston Martin sports and racing cars continue to climb in value, verifying the heritage and history of significant models becomes ever more important for owners and potential buyers alike. Newly announced, the Aston Martin Assured Provenance certification program is designed to scrutinize vintage Aston Martin models and grade those that meet both established standards and the careful scrutiny of the brand’s Sanctioning Committee.

The process is far more laborious than those established by other automakers, with the possible exception of Ferrari’s Classiche program, which also requires candidates to be inspected at the factory and then reviewed by committee. Aston Martin is clear that not all vehicles submitted will be certified, which is why the work is invoiced in two stages. Those shipping cars for consideration to Aston Martin Works, the brand’s heritage facility, will first be charged an inspection fee; should the car be granted Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze status, additional charges will apply. As with Ferrari Classiche, Aston Martin’s Assured Provenance certification program will be open to both production cars and factory-constructed racing models.

Each vehicle shipped to Newport Pagnell will be digitally scanned during initial evaluation, with the data double checked against factory records and then stored for future reference. A visual and mechanical inspection are carried out by Works staff, and this data is presented with the vehicle’s documented history to the Sanctioning Committee. Composed of heritage model experts from within the Aston Martin organization, the group then decides if the car meets established standards, and if so, which of the four rating categories it falls under.

Cars certified as Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze will receive a book of photos, a Heritage Assured Provenance certificate, a flash drive containing the car’s digital data and two sets of sill plates and dash plaques. Aston Martin isn’t publishing the cost of the initial inspection or the actual certification, but given the potential for adding value to a particular model and the amount of expert labor involved in the certification process, it won’t be inexpensive.

The initial cars booked for the certification process are set to arrive in Newport Pagnell by month end. For additional information on the Assured Provenance certification process, visit