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The Meyers Manx ‘really is an attitude or a state of mind as well as a vehicle’

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Few times in history did somebody perfectly capture a time and a place with a simple auto design as succinctly as Bruce Meyers did with the Meyers Manx dune buggy. It’s been flung across the globe, copied, resurrected, reinterpreted, and more recently lauded and recognized for its accomplishments, and through it all Bruce Meyers has remained at the center of dune buggy culture. This documentary covers the entire history of Meyers and the Manx, from the beaches that inspired the dune buggy to today’s enthusiast gatherings.

[Editor’s Note: Sorry, Hemmings Sunday Cinema fans, today’s documentary in the Hemmings In-Depth slot doesn’t indicate a return to the old format. However, if you’re looking for cheeseball car chases, you could do worse than the ones from 1987’s “Dead End Drive-In.”]